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Enjoy the process

People enjoying a training session
Written by
Katy Harkness
Published on
March 1, 2023

We love a quick fix don’t we?  And the health and fitness industry is littered with quick fixes


The 30-day pull up challenge.

The 5-day juice cleanse.

The 6-week shred.


The promise and allure of change in a short space of time.


And then there are the photos of the 12-week transformations.  You know the ones.  You may have looked at them with a mix of envy and being impressed.


I know I did when I started on my journey.


At the time I didn’t know I was a journey because I was fixated on the destination that was promised to me in ‘just 12-weeks time’.


But now I realise that what is more important is the journey because the destination doesn’t really exist. Well it does, but it changes.


For me what started as fat loss evolved into strength training which is evolving into greater focus on my mobility.


And it evolved because I am enjoying the journey.  I am enjoying the process.  And whilst I’m on the journey I discover places I want to stop off and spend more time at (hello mobility).


If you focus on the process and enjoy the journey then not only will the destination come, but you will travel beyond it.


Sure, fixating on the destination might mean you get there.  But I’d also put money on you regressing away and being back to square one fairly soon after.


It is why people bounce in and out of exercise and yo-yo diet.


So don’t think about the destination, but enjoy the process and the journey.


Because when you focus on the process and the journey you create sustainable change meaning in all likelihood you will surpass where you wanted to get to.


I know I have.

If you would like help to create sustainable change in your diet and fitness then book in a consultation and let's chat.

About Katy Harkness

Katy founded PLAY Fitness & Coaching after she made changes in her life, which saw her lose over 20kg and become the fittest she has ever been.

As Katy became more interested in health and fitness, the algorithms shared more and more misinformation.

Becoming frustrated with unrealistic goals and standards being set, that are often not healthy, Katy left the advertising industry where she had a successful 20+ year career, to help create the change she wanted to see in the health and fitness industry and to support people to make the sustainable, long term changes they wanted to see in their own lives.

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