Terms & Conditions

PLAY Fitness & Coaching Terms & Conditions

I have purchased a ___________________ Membership package with _______________ bespoke training sessions a week as well as additional value including;

In-depth consultation including;

- Activity and exercise history
- Nutrition and diet history
- Daily LifeMotivations
- Loves and loathes
- Barriers
- Support needed
- SMART Goal Setting
- Fitness & Mobility MOT
- Food Diary Analysis
- Personalised Nutrition Guidance & Coaching
- Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching
- Out of PT session support
- Priority Booking

I recognise that this provides significant value and savings ( _______ ) in terms of cost and offering vs a Pay As You Go session hourly rate across the duration of my package.

I understand that PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited operates on a scheduled hourly appointment basis for private training sessions. It is my responsibility to attend these scheduled hourly appointments to maximise my Membership package.

I understand that PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited do not have cancellation fees but instead a membership structure with a pricing and value offering that means I can miss sessions and not be owed monies for missed sessions.  PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited will use that time to work on my fitness and nutrition programme.

If I am unable to attend a session for whatever reason I will give PLAY Fitness & Coaching a minimum of 24 hours’ notice out of courtesy.

If I am unable to attend within a 24 hour notice period I will advise PLAY Fitness & Coaching as soon as possible.

If I am late for my session I understand that my session will be reduced in accordance with that time.  If I am more than 25 minutes late then PLAY Training & Coaching Limited will count this as a ‘no show’.

I understand that ‘no shows’ (not turning up for a session with no communication or 25 minutes late or more) or multiple last-minute cancellations will not be tolerated.  It is then up to the discretion of PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited as to whether to honour the remainder of my Membership.

‍If PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited opt to terminate my Membership then I understand that they will refund what remains of my Membership minus a pro-rata’d 1 week admin fee.  If less than 1 week of my membership remains I forfeit monies owed.

I recognise that this is a decision that PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited would rather not take BUT that they wish to work with committed clients and that these terms and conditions will help hold me accountable on my journey towards my desired results.

If PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited are late for a session then I will be refunded monies pro-rata‘d in accordance with the time.  The session cost basis is _____________  .

If PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited are more than 20 minutes late they will cancel the session and refund the full session cost of  _______________  .

Should PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited cancel a session with less than 24-hour prior notice, I shall be entitled to one free session at the end of my current membership block.

With regards PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited taking annual leave, they shall give me at least 2 weeks notice and shall provide me with workout programmes, tailored to my environment and equipment access to complete whilst they are on leave to ensure consistency and progress in my fitness and nutrition program.

I will either telephone, email, or text message PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited to cancel a session or advise of holidays, using the given phone number (01273 569262) or email address (hello@playfitnessandcoaching.com).

I agree to PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited taking photos and videos during our sessions and sharing to their public Facebook & Instagram channels.

I agree to PLAY Fitness & Coaching Limited sharing anonymised communication and messages between us on social channels as social proof of the success of my Membership and working with them.

I have read and completely understand these terms:

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