Calorie Calculator

This calorie calculator is to help you determine your daily / weekly calorie intake for fat loss, maintaining weight or gaining weight.

Input your Age, Height, Weight and Level of Activity.

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About the calorie calculator

For your Level of Activity it is best to err on the side of caution and underestimate - we tend to often wildly over-estimate how active we really are.

The calculator can estimate calorie intake for fat loss, maintenance and weight gain per day.  Multiply by 7 to give you your approximate weekly calorie intake for your goal.

Half a kilo a week weight loss is a healthy and safe rate. And is achievable without being too restrictive and making adherence hard.

Re-calculate with every 2-3kg fat loss (or gain if that is your goal) – as you lose fat your maintenance calories will reduce, and vice-versa as you gain weight. Not adjusting would be counter-productive to your goal.

Do not feel like you need to stick to ‘x’ calories a day – by having weekly calories you can fluctuate and calorie cycle dependent upon what is happening in your life. My blog 'Compromise Not Sacrifice' covers this.

All of this comes to nothing though if you do not have a good handle on how many calories you are consuming in the first place. We tend to underestimate this.  And generally, we are not great at tracking.

A start would be to use a free tracker like Macros or MyFitnessPal (paid for) to understand your calorie intake of all your food and drink to get a sense of where you are with regards your goal and current reality.

I’m always here to help so get in touch if you want help.

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Calorie Calculator
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