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The Power of ‘I’ll Just’

Woman happily exercising
Written by
Katy Harkness
Published on
March 16, 2023

It is easy to talk yourself out of exercising.


You are not feeling it.


You are tired.


You can’t be bothered.


You haven’t got time.


You are hungry.


And everything else in between.


I’ve been there. I’ve said that.


And I most definitely bought the t-shirt back in the day.



And there are still days when I could still talk myself out of a training session.  Very easily.



But now I have a way to talk myself into it rather than talk myself out of it.


I call it the power of ‘I’ll just…’.


‘I’ll just put my gym stuff on’ will likely lead to.


‘I’ll just head towards the gym’ will likely lead to.


‘I’ll just do 5 minutes on the rower’ will likely lead to.


‘Well, I’m warmed up now I’ll just do a bit of upper body’.

And before you know it I’ve had a decent session. And more often than not hit a PB. Because ‘I’ll just give it a go’ and there is no pressure.


In fact I did this today. I was tired. I was feeling a bit deflated. Frankly, I COULD NOT BE ARSED.


But I thought ‘I’ll just do some light stretching’, which led to ‘I’ll just jump on the rower’ which turned into 90 minutes training and trying out some new movements and exercises.


The ‘I’ll just… ‘ mentality created small achievable steps that added up to something more worthwhile.  



So next time you are not feeling it, or are tired, or hungry o rany one of the other barriers to exercising we can put up, just think ‘I’ll just…’ and take a small achievable step forwards.



And do you know what, if you stop after 5 minutes on the rower well that is 5 minutes more on the rower than it could have been.

And which ever way you look at it that is a win.

About Katy Harkness

Katy founded PLAY Fitness & Coaching after she made changes in her life, which saw her lose over 20kg and become the fittest she has ever been.

As Katy became more interested in health and fitness, the algorithms shared more and more misinformation.

Becoming frustrated with unrealistic goals and standards being set, that are often not healthy, Katy left the advertising industry where she had a successful 20+ year career, to help create the change she wanted to see in the health and fitness industry and to support people to make the sustainable, long term changes they wanted to see in their own lives.

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