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We are our average

Woman lifting dumb bell
Written by
Katy Harkness
Published on
March 5, 2023

I’m not saying you are average.  I’d never say that to anyone because it is just rude.


But you are your average.


What do I mean by that?


Well you are the result of the average of your behaviour – whatever behaviour that may be – over a period of time.  It could be exercise related, it could be movement related, it could be energy balance/ calorie related.


My deadlift at the moment is some way short of my PB – why?  I haven’t properly deadlifted and had it as a central part of my training program for a bit. I’ve been concentrating on other things.  I haven’t been consistent with my deadlifting. I’ve been consistently inconsistent. So my deadlift is the result of my average of deadlifting sporadically.


I’m pretty lean at the moment – why?  Because my energy balance is such that I’m in a calorie deficit on average across the last few months.  I’ve had my birthday weekend full of meals out and cream teas in that time but when you average everything out I’ve been in a deficit.


If people have put on a bit of fat that will be because their energy balance is such that on average during the last however long they have been in a calorie surplus. There might have been a few weeks here and there where they were in a deficit but ‘on average’ they were in a surplus.


So when it comes to your goals and where you want to get to, ask yourself, will my average get me there?


Appreciating that you are your average is not only a great motivator but also helps you to be kind to yourself.  


For example, it helps you realise that that one weekend celebrating isn’t going to harm achieving your fat loss goal, because if you are doing what you need to do the rest of the time you will get there in the long-run, so enjoy yourself.


But it also helps you realise that if every weekend is celebrating then you will be the average of that and most likely won’t get to your fat loss goal.


If you want to get brilliant at press ups then you need to consistently practice them – doing them here and there won’t get you good at press ups.


So you are your average.


Own it.


Use it to hold yourself accountable.


Embrace it.


Use it to be kind to yourself.


Thanks for reading.


The very average Katy

About Katy Harkness

Katy founded PLAY Fitness & Coaching after she made changes in her life, which saw her lose over 20kg and become the fittest she has ever been.

As Katy became more interested in health and fitness, the algorithms shared more and more misinformation.

Becoming frustrated with unrealistic goals and standards being set, that are often not healthy, Katy left the advertising industry where she had a successful 20+ year career, to help create the change she wanted to see in the health and fitness industry and to support people to make the sustainable, long term changes they wanted to see in their own lives.

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